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Hungry Shark


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18 October 2022 26 October 2022

How to be a Shark

Let’s say, you do not feel pain but can sense a drop of blood a mile away in the ocean. Besides, you always stay awake to avoid suffocation and you never blink. You are almost deaf, but you perceive more frames per second than ordinary humans. In addition, you can bite over the metal bar and sow horror among beachgoers.

All true? Congratulations, you’re a shark!

You can’t be killed with a small-caliber weapon and your head is harder than the grip of a gun.

Jaws of Steel

In the new game Hungry Shark by KA Gaming, you will have powerful teeth and steel jaws to hunt sea creatures.

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2. 50% extra

on a deposit of C$20 or more that you make to become the Master of the sea who terrifies and humbles all who lurk in the deep.

Bets and precious metals

It all starts with choosing your place in the hierarchy of the sea.

Choosing the Bronze Shark enables you to place bets from 0.01 to C$0.1. With the Silver Shark you will accelerate from 0.1 to C$1.00. The Golden Shark will allow you to bet from 1.00 to C$10.00 per bite.

After that, you become a toothy monster that devours other fish. One bite – one bet.

The loot

16 fishes of different sizes will bring you winnings ranging from 2x to 500x your bet. Be aware that small fish can sneak away, and to eat a large one, you will have to clang your jaws more than once.

Hunting modes

You can select a sight (LOCK) on the right side of the playing field, just point it at the target and make bets-bites.

Or you can choose jaws (POWER), and then you will have a more powerful shark at your disposal, able to hunt more efficiently, but each bite costs 6x in the bets.

Bonus Creatures

The Blue-Tailed Sea Dragon is a valuable loot that triggers a bonus feasting all throughout the game’s food chain.

Defeating the Elf Mermaid gives you the power to make a crazy dash to catch any fish along the way until they swim out of the game.

This exciting game develops dexterity, improves reaction and is capable of starting an ocean-wide hunting spree.

Hunt and win!

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