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Table Games at Slots City Casino

It is inarguable that one of the main attractions in a online casino Canada is the table games, and it often gets interesting to see that there is a wide range of options made available for guests. Table games come with many thrills, real-time gaming experiences, and an opportunity to make money. Although there are many possibilities to lose a lot, the idea of playing is one casino guests find interesting enough despite the risks attached. Because most guests enjoy table games for fun and are constantly looking for ways to enhance this experience, this article gives a detailed overview of everything there is to know about them. These include what they are, the most popular options in Slots City, and what guests need for a wonderful gaming experience.

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What are Casino Table Games

Table games are games played in casinos at traditional tables or electronically. The traditional casino table games are played on a round table; one explicitly crafted with all features and elements needed for that particular game. On the other hand, electronic games are usually similar to traditional ones, except that they require the guests to use an electronic device to play the game. 

Table games require guests to place bets and play for real money. And the result is often to lose or win, aside from the fun and thrill it comes with. In addition, any casino game other than one played on a slot machine is a table game. Some of the most popular ones available for our guests include Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Punto Banco, Dice, non-banking casino games, Wheel of Fortune, and more. 

The Best Slots City Table Casino Games 

Slots City is a top casino leading in the industry regarding innovation and premium services. The casino provides guests with thousands of slot machines, top-notch services, generous rewards, earnings for their game plays, and massive price pools. The casino is also one that is constantly evolving and allows guests to have more immersive experiences. Slots City casino providers guests with a variety of table games which includes: 

  • European and French roulette,
  • Texas Hold ’em and Poker,
  • Baccarat with large and minimum bets,
  • Classic blackjack, as well as its versions with bonuses and jokers,
  • Dice.

Let’s discuss each of these table games in more detail below. 

European And French Roulette

While we’ve already established that there are several table games available, roulette is one of the most widely known of these varieties. The live casino industry is constantly evolving; as a result, we’re beginning to see several roulette variations. European and French roulette are two popular types and are both available for guests at Slots City. French and European roulette often have the same wheel, but some variations can be noticed when you look closely. French roulette comes with the same wheel and betting options available in European roulette. However, the French Roulette table configuration differs significantly from the European one, as it has a few extra regulations that make it vary in payout and odds. 

Texas Hold ’em, And Poker

Poker is one of the most popular classics in the world

of table games and allows many guests to play at each round. It is a group of card comparison games where guests split cards and bet on which hand is the best. Poker is played in different regions of the world, and there might be varying rules for other locations. Texas hold ’em is a popular variant of the poker game and one of the most popular table games offered at Slots City. Texas hold ’em is a community game that involves several guests and comes with about five rounds of play. 


Baccarat is another popular game played in casinos that is as exciting as thrilling. It is also one of the simplest card games in a casino, and some say it provides the highest possibility of winning. Baccarat is a two- or three-card game where the hand with the better score wins. Baccarat is a game of chance, and there are no specific strategies for winning the game. 

Classic Blackjack 

Unlike baccarat, a game of chance, blackjack is a game of skill, making it one of the most intense and exciting casino games of all time. It is also the most widely played casino banking game. The game uses decks of cards and has specific rules like every other table game.


Dice games can be played in several ways in a casino, and the most popular variation of the game in most casinos is craps. Guests involved in craps wager on the results of the roll of two dice and the outcomes, which is usually a certain agreed number. The game has retained its position as one of the top popular games because of how easy it is to play without specifically requiring many technicalities. 

Pros and Cons of Casino Table Games 

Below are the pros and cons of casino table games.



  • Real-time gaming experience 
  • Physical interactions with other guests 
  • Entertaining
  • Limited seats at live tables 
  • It could be more addictive 

Table games are popularly played in several casinos out there. And the games listed above are amongst the most common of these games. Aside from the possibility of earning real money, these games are more popular because guests find them easy to play and are often highly entertaining. If you’re looking to jump into the world of casino table games, you can easily kickstart your journey by trying out any of the above-listed games, especially with an online casino bonus to boost your initial play.

In addition to a wide variety of slot machines and table games, our online casino offers sports betting, allowing players to place wagers on their favorite sports events for an all-encompassing gambling experience.


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