Allwayspin Slot Machines Review

Allwayspin is a game development company that is taking the gaming industry by storm with its innovative games and especially unique slot games. The company provides games for reputable casinos. Despite being a young brand, Allwayspin online games are in constant competition with top brands. The brand provides quality games compatible with numerous devices, including iOS and Android.

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Features Of The Allwayspin Games

This brand provides sensational slot games with unique themes, quality art, and sound. The games also provide players with amazing bonuses, and loyal customers enjoy huge promotions and prizes. Play Allwayspin games to enjoy luxury.


Allwayspin is a licensed game provider and is regulated by the Philippines Gambling Authority, thereby making their games fair. The games are accurate and lack bias, so customers have a fair chance of winning.

Excellent User Interface

Playing the games by this game provider is convenient because of the exquisite user Interface, which is not only beautiful and artsy but also easy to use. The games cater to most players’ needs and target a wide market.

High RTP

The video slots are quite fast-paced and exciting. The slot machines Allwayspin provides are also engaging. The high payout rates available for most games by this brand serve as a motivation for players to keep playing.

Top 5 Slot Machines from AllWaySpin

Allwayspin online slot machines are the best, and they are known to be of high quality. Some of the top 5 slot machines include:

888 Tower Slot

This slot machine was created in 2019 and has performed greatly since then. The game is simple but avails players the chance to win 888x their bets, so it is highly rewarding. It has a single payline, which would light up once a player wins the game. The game has a high payout rate of 95.18%, and the chances of winning are high.

Lord Of The Dead

This is another exciting slot machine with a payout rate of 94.88% and a high chance of winning. It allows players to win 5000x their total bets. This game has an Egyptian theme with a standard type pyramid and Anubis, an Egyptian God, on display. It is both beautiful in its art and easy to understand. Once a player opens the Book of the Dead, they will be given free spins.

Princess vs. Zombie

As the name implies, it merges beautiful art relating to a princess with scary art depicting zombies to create something sensational. In addition to the art, this game allows players to win 5000x their original bets and has 50 paylines. It also has a great payout rate.

Underground Thieves

This game provides an air of adventure, and the graphics seem to tell a tale. It is an exciting game with great bonuses for players to enjoy, and the game is easy to operate. It has a payout rate of 95.06% and a single payline. Players can also win 30x their total stakes.

Snail Racing

Snail Racing is a power-packed game with amazing bonuses and opportunities for players. It has a payout rate of 96.09% and offers high winning chances with a massive pay of 4096x the initial stake, making it easy to win money.

Pros and Cons of AllWaySpin


  • The game provider is licensed and regulated by gaming authorities, and this ensures the games are fair.
  • The payout rates of most games are very high, and players are likely to win because of the high chances of winning.
  • The user interface is beautiful and easy to operate.
  • The games are intriguing, and the graphics are sensational and unique.
  • The games provided amazing bonuses for loyal customers.


  • The game provider mainly provides slot games, and if you’re looking for a wide variety, you might have to look elsewhere.
  • There is no provision for visual reality games.

Allwayspin game development company was created in 2019 in Taiwan and has since created more than 50 games. The brand efficiently operates in Asia, Europe, and the USA and is making a name for itself.

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