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Slots City is a leading sports betting site and is home to a variety of sports betting markets across different sports leagues. With competitive odds, a top-notch interface, and exciting promotions, we offer an immersive online betting experience to all our customers in Canada.

You can bet on different sporting events throughout the year, thanks to the betting markets offered by Slots City. From popular tournaments like the Stanley Cup to local leagues across the world, there’s a variety of options to choose from.

  • Football,
  • Hockey,
  • Basketball,
  • Baseball,
  • Soccer.


Football is the most popular sport in North America, and Slots City offers you several football-type betting options throughout the year. From the Super Bowl to college football championship games, we provide the most popular football betting markets with competitive odds.


Hockey is the biggest sport in Canada and a popular online sport betting choice. Slots City offers you a plethora of hockey-related bets. Available markets include Stanley Cup futures, outrights, and team totals. Beyond North American tournaments, we also offer online betting options for different hockey leagues around the world.


We offer odds on different basketball games throughout the year. You can wager on a plethora of basketball tournaments like the NBA, March Madness, WNBA and the FIBA World Cup.


Baseball is one of the oldest professional sports in the world and has a considerable following in Canada. We offer future odds on popular baseball events like the World Series and Premier12 World Championship. You can also bet on other tournaments like the MLB regular season and LigaX throughout the year.


Soccer is the most followed sport in the world and is growing at a fast pace in North America. With our multiple soccer market offerings, you can bet on popular tournaments like the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and different domestic leagues around the world. We also offer a variety of prop bets, soccer futures, and live bets.

Sport Betting Promotions

As a leading sport betting site, we offer exciting bonuses to Canadians. Newbies can start enjoying promo offerings once they sign up, as well as other free perks all year round to existing customers.

Deposit Bonus

You will enjoy a free welcome bonus when they register on the Slots City website for the first time. At Slots City, new users will receive this bonus after making their first, second, third, fifth, and seventh deposits.

Promotions for Special Days

We also offer special day promos throughout the year for big sporting tournaments. Always look forward to exciting bonuses when big events like the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and UEFA Champions League final are right around the corner.

Daily and Weekly Promotions

Slots City also grants generous sportsbook and casino offerings to customers on a regular basis. These offers are available to new and loyal customers and include reload bonuses, cashback promos, and happy hour perks.

The Most Popular Sports Leagues to Bet on

Slots City offers a wide range of betting options for some of the biggest leagues in the world. You can check out some of our most popular offerings below:


Of all the four major North American sports leagues, the NHL is the crown jewel in Canada. With an estimated 15.5 million adults tuning in to watch the games every year, hockey fans can wager on different NHL markets all year round.

There are more than 1,300 NHL regular season games each year and more action to anticipate during the playoffs. We offer a variety of NHL betting markets to keep you going throughout the season, from competitive money lines to over/under bets and puck lines.

You can also predict the winner of the Stanley Cup from our NHL futures market. Not to mention that we have an array of player props and specials available for you on our sports betting website.


The National Basketball Association is the most prominent basketball league in the world. Its regular season usually runs from October to April, and the postseason commences from April to June.

With over 2,400 games being played in an NBA regular season alone, there are a variety of betting markets to choose from. You can bet on any of the 30 NBA teams to win games or score a number of points throughout the league’s calendar.

In addition to this, we also offer a slew of player props to choose. You can bet on players to score a number of points, rebounds, and assists during a basketball game.

We also offer special markets like predicting if the first team or player will score or if a game will go into overtime.

Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is the biggest competition in Europe. The UCL calendar runs from September to June the following year, with 125 fixtures to wager on.

Popular Champions League bets include money line and team/game totals. You can also wager on special outcomes like the number of corners and bookings. If you’re confident in a player’s ability to score goals, create chances, or provide assists, there are a range of player props you can play throughout the season.


The National Football League (NFL) reigns supreme as the most popular sports league in North America. The league consists of 32 teams, with each team divided into two conferences, the AFC and the NFC. Teams in both conferences are further divided into four divisions based on their location.

The NFL regular season typically runs from September till the first week in January. The playoff kickoffs with a wild card round before proceeding to the Divisional Rounds and Conference Championship games. The best winner of each conference faces off at the Super Bowl to win the league’s grandest prize.

Due to its massive following, it is also one of the most popular choices for Slots City players. NFL fans in Canada can bet on several NFL markets, including Super Bowl futures, game/team totals, and player props.

How Betting Odds Work

Sports betting odds give you insight into the probability of the outcome of a football match and help you determine the payout of a bet. When you see lower odds, it means the chances of that outcome are high. A higher odd, on the contrary, means the probability of an outcome is low.

At Slots City, we calculate your return by multiplying the money you wager on the odds selected. If, for example, you bet $10 on a team with 4 odds to win a game, your potential payout is $40.

How to Start Betting on Sports with Slots City

Betting with Slots City is as easy as A, B, C. Simply follow these steps:

  • Fill an e-form

You can begin betting online with Slots City by signing up to become a member. Click the green «Register» button on the bottom corner of our webpage and fill in the required details.

  • Verify your email

Once you’ve registered your account, proceed to verify your email by clicking the verification link sent to the email you provided.

  • Make your first deposit

After successful verification, go to the «Cashier» section on our website and select «Deposit.» Indicate how much you want to make deposit into your account and fill in the required card details.

  • Start betting

Once you’ve deposited money into your account, select the «Sports» section of our website. You’ll find different markets for different sports in this section. Select the option you want to bet on and confirm your bet.

Type of Bet: A Guide to Odds

  • Decimal odds

Decimal odds is a betting system popular in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa. This type of bet entails betting on a team to win. Bookmakers assign a small odd figure to the favourite team and the bigger odd to the underdog. 

The decimal odds system is different from the moneyline popular in US sportsbooks. For moneyline bets, the bookmakers designate a minus sign (-) to the favourite and a plus sign (+) to the underdog.

  • Point Spread

Placing a point spread bet for a game means you’re betting on the winning margin of a football game. For example, wagering on a -6.5 point means you’re betting on the favourite to win by at least seven points. On the flip side, placing a bet on a +6.5 point means you’re predicting the underdog to lose by less than seven points or cause an upset.

  • Game Totals

Game totals is a straightforward bet. You’re simply betting on the number of points that will be scored in a game. For example, a 36.5 over bet means you’re betting on the combined points scored by both teams to be at least 37. If it’s an underbet, you win only when both teams fail to score a total of 37 points.

  • Team Totals

This type of bet entails betting on the number of points/goals scored by a team. For example, betting on an over 18.5 team total means you are predicting that a team will score at least 19 points. You win this bet if the team scores more than 18 points; you lose if the team scores 18 points or less.

  • Futures

This type of bet focuses on long-term predictions. It includes betting on the team to win the championship, player awards/honours, team totals at the end of the season, and more. For example, you can bet on the NFL MVP months before the league announces the winner of this award. A futures bet can be very rewarding in the long run. However, you’ll have to wait a while to discover the outcome of your bet. 


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