Since its founding in 2007, OnlyPlay has been a creator of casino slot games. The company focuses on creating quick-win games that are both distinctive and intriguing. Many OnlyPlay games are well-liked by players worldwide, especially those seeking an alternative to the usual slot machines. 

OnlyPlay Unique Game Features 

OnlyPlay online games boast of having a variety of distinctive features. Expert software engineers can only create unique features, and OnlyPlay definitely does not lack in this department and can go head-to-head with the best of them. 

Excellent graphics

The subjects of the games vary, yet they all share a similar visual aesthetic. They make their characters come to life by using vibrant colors and simple, cartoon-like designs. You can easily play these kinds of games at some of the online top casino platforms.     


This gaming fair is aware of the necessity of optimizing their books for handheld devices, particularly in light of the massive trend away from desktop computers for convenience. Guests may enjoy their preferred OnlyPlay mobile games on their smartphones or tablets while on the go, thanks to HTML5 technology. You can access the developer’s library whether you use Windows, iOS, or Android by using an updated web browser.

Global Accessibility

This developer’s games are hosted on servers in several nations, and they have also produced a variety of other services that are advantageous to operators. Games from its partners are made accessible on many platforms worldwide through their B2B service bus. This is referred to as their iGHUB. This service makes it simple to stream games globally without interfering with the gameplay itself. This has been made possible by the technology they developed. 

Some of the Games by OnlyPlay

The following are some slot machines OnlyPlay offer.

The Thimbles

You must determine which object the dealer has concealed something below by observing how deftly they move stuff around like thimbles. This is the fundamental notion of OnlyPlay’s The Thimbles. Try to outsmart the dealer and make the correct guess to win some incredible cash rewards. Superb visuals and colorful characters, including the attractive Momoko, can be found in this game.

Limbo Cat

You need to go no farther than the slot machine from OnlyPlay Limbo Cat if you’re searching for some fast-paced action when you gamble online. Okay, so despite being a multiplayer lottery game rather than a slot machine, the game provides slot-style bonuses and the possibility for users to win a sizable sum of money. You must lead a small cat in a tank through a warzone while he collects multipliers and attempts to dodge mines in this game. 

Jack Potter

Your quest is over if you’ve been seeking a jackpot slot game with Harry Potter themes. With Jack Potter, an online slot from OnlyPlay, the iGaming industry has its brave magical hero. The game is played on a grid with only 5 pay lines inspired by vintage fruit machines.

Pros and Cons of OnlyPlay


  • High-quality Graphics. The studio offers top-notch visuals that are just compelling enough to draw in potential gamers. This is accompanied by top-notch illustrations and animations that, like the immersive audio effects, give the play a degree of realism.
  • Outstanding features. OnlyPlay has developed several cutting-edge features for its games that offer it a modest advantage in such a cutthroat industry. The most commonly noted is their extensive selection of instant win lotteries.
  • Versatility and better gains. They offer a service that applies to more than only the OnlyPlay games through their RNG platform. Additionally, the company claims that its OWidget enables operators to raise their overall profit by up to 10%. It won’t be long until a variety of businesses in the sector start using their products.


  • Limited bonuses. Since this developer only releases quick-play games, don’t expect the additional rounds you’re used to seeing in slots. The OnlyPlay scatters, and free spins are not available for a start. Since there are no symbols, there are also no wild symbols that can replace any symbols. 

Instead of rapid wins or scratch cards, casino game developers have been concentrating their efforts on traditional slot machines in recent years. However, this could change quickly enough thanks to developers like OnlyPlay, who produce top-notch games like those in their library. 

These games include elegant visuals and concepts unique from what we’ve seen in the past. Play OnlyPlay online casino games for the best casino experience.

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